Name: Selene Pleiades
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Race: Half Dwarf, Half-Chimera
Faction: Wanderers
Hair Color: Dark brown
Eye Color: Gray
Skin: Olive
Height: Slightly above average for a dwarf, 5′
Weight/Body Type: Very slight. People often question whether she is a dwarf because of her slender build and airy demeanor. At the same time, she is lithe and muscular; she always looks like she is about to make a sudden movement, poised on her toes.
Appearance: Her hair spirals out in all directions over thick, dark eyebrows. One lock of her hair is electric yellow, hidden under the other dark brown curls. Her tiny body seems to be constantly vibrating with energy, her mist-colored, almond eyes always wide, calculating. With her green sweatshirt hood always covering most of her hair and her eyes, most people don’t see her eyes’ stunning color, always cast in shadow. But more importantly, they don’t see the feathery, lime-colored antenna that fan out from her forehead. Because of her determination to hide the fact that she is a chimera, her posture has suffered. Her hands worry around her hood every few seconds, and she sits either slouched or with her feet tucked under her so she is as unnoticed as possible.
Personality: Selene constantly seems like she just drank one too many cups of coffee and is now trying to suppress the fact that she is overly high-strung. Her brain is often working at a pace of a hundred miles per minute – as a result, her speech is typically a jumbled mixture of her offering a quick-witted but not entirely well thought out reply, or, when she remembers to reign herself in, a long pause before responding. She has a habit of tilting her head when listening deeply, but quickly has to re-adjust the hood on the green sweatshirt she is never seen without from falling off her forehead. She’s that kid in class who waits to see if anyone else has the answer, even though she usually has it immediately, and when they don’t, she blurts it out – often to loudly. If she sees any animal, though, her attention will immediately snap to it and she’ll be out of commission until her obsession has inevitably scared the animal away. Except cats. She hates cats.
Powers/Strengths: Selene’s affinity for the stars earned her the control of electricity – well, control except when it gets out of control. Sometimes she can extinguish every light in the room and then release it from her fingertips, and then other times she can do absolutely nothing, if she’s too distracted. Her powers are much stronger at night, sometimes so overwhelming that electricity sparks through her entire body. The fact that her other form is a luna moth lends itself to her inhuman agility, where she can flit from one place to another unnoticed and with unmatched speed.
Weaknesses: Having always lived in the shadow of her older brother Ty’s success following in their father’s footsteps as a technologist, Selene has an overpowering fear of failure mixed with a too-strong determination to make a name for herself. Sometimes to fit in with the group she’ll do things that she doesn’t want to do, especially if it means someone else knows something that she doesn’t. Her timidity and frequent failure to speaker her mind grew out of a stutter that she had when she was younger, which resurfaces when she is emotional. She is paranoid about always hiding her antenna, lowering her self-esteem. In a fight, her worst weakness is distraction – and the problem of keeping her powers in check.
History: Her insomnia keeps her awake most nights. She can often be seen past the midnight hour, wandering under the night sky with her hands shoved deep into the pockets of her green sweater. This is the only time she lets the hood slip from her forehead, because she’s so busy staring at the moon that she doesn’t have time to care that the feathery antenna on her forehead are exposed to the world. But being named after the god of the moon, after all, might explain her unwavering fascination. When she stares at the stars she thinks about how she wonders where her brother went and why he abandoned her with no word, why her family moved so much from place to place, and how it made her feel so alone. With a famous dwarven engineer for a father and a chimera for a mother, she feels her identity tugging her in more directions than she can keep up with.
Goals/Ambitions: Besides the fact that she would love just one single night of rest, Selene has an unquenchable desire to break from from being “Ty’s little sister” and just be Selene. Though she wouldn’t tell anyone, more than anything else she wants to walk on the moon. 
Other: Rumor has it that her luna moth form when human has manifested itself in other ways than the antenna she hides with her hood, but when anyone asks her what it is she just winks at them slyly.


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